Monday, January 5, 2009


It started off so innocent. It started off "fun". It started like many things do, with good intentions...But one thing led to another. And now I type before you as a man of regret and fear! 

Forgive me Father, I know not what I did...

T'was the week before Christmas and all through the house
not a creature was stirring not even a...Melvin
(much bigger, louder and clumsier than a mouse, but hey, he's ours).

Sunni, talking with the folks and I surfing the net,
we schemed and dreamed about our Christmas bet.

The T-Shirts were made the bandannas bought,
now to sell the family on the vision we had caught.

A dare, a challenge, a competition if you will...
nothing simple that could be fixed with a pill.  

The 4 Johnsons and 2 Coopers struck a 6 month target,
Half a year of weight loss and healthy living we will not forget. 

Oh MY, What did we get ourselves into!!!  
We will be our own, Biggest Losers!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Who wouldn't want an Indoor Pool?!

In an effort to keep our renovations on the cutting edge and keep up with the "Jones's" we were welcomed back from our trip by our new indoor pool.

The water had subsided significantly, so like the main floor tub, I will need to make sure we get a plug to keep the water in.

With that said let me introduce you to my closest friends.
1) The Shop-Vac...a Hardy tool...always there to work hard no matter the condition...and BOY does it Suck! (I am so immature)
2) The original Box Fan. This mighty warrior of wind has the potential to blow the water away...(perhaps this is what God used to part the waters for Moses?!)
3) The wonderful DE-Humidifier. (If Water is "life-giving", this will literally SUCK the LIFE out of anything:))
This perfects the flood recovery materials. I have used them all extensively in the last week.

(The salvaged items all crammed together...drying off)

On a more positive note...

Since we were in "clean up mode" we stumbled across the visible and hidden mold (from years of untreated and unacknowledged water leak and continual damage...)
Evidence of our fledgling pool. (Happy New Year!!!)

The removed drywall, trim, paneling, and framing...(I should re-write the 12 Days of Christmas version..."5 trash bins of MOLDing Drywall, 4 corroded walls of paneling, 3 closets gutted, 2 rotted out door jams, and a basement (bath/bedroom) remodel pushed to the front of a list of "to do"."

...and OUR story continues.

Twinkle, twinkle little star...

STAR 1) n. a five pointed shape (that has taken over the Cooper home).

I'm BACK!!!

Since the last post was made on November 12, I thought it best to take you on a FAST FORWARD version of the last month and a half. As this will be a quick montage, I encourage you to strap on your seat belts, keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, and remember "in case of an emergency the exits are..."...You get the point.

1) A day of abundance...Our church community has an amazing way of responding to a need. HIGH FIVE to God for using them (us) to bless others during November.

2) Jason comes for a visit and gets his first piano lesson with Uncle Ryan. (Who cares if he learned anything...we all know it was just to humor Uncle Ryan)

3) Congrats and YAY!!! for Sophie (and Evan and Stephanie)...she is going to have a little sister! (sorry to post this picture...remember this from Sunshine's party...circa 2000?)

4) During house renovations, you can find the strangest things! The previous owners had good taste (in soup) but apparently lacked in garbage disposal (this found when we removed a ceiling tile in the basement.

5) Just one of the many reasons for our family to celebrate Thanksgiving. (Glad you are ok, W, M, and K)

6) Swedish Breakfast...apparently there was also a program going on...(Like that mattered!)

7) Christmas vomitted at our home...(I have to give her credit...she makes it looks good!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, this completes the in-flight entertainment. Please place your tray tables in there upright and locked position. Thank you for flying Cooper-Air.