Monday, July 23, 2012

Evie Lorryne makes her presence known...

The following is a pictorial journey of Saturday, July 14, 2012 through yesterday.  [For those who are looking for whit, banter and humorous editorials - We now have 2 children...under 3 years old.  This is synonymous with exhaustion - You will have to make your own comments. :) ]

Preparing to be a Big Brother
 Waiting in the birthing room...
 1 to 2 minutes old

 (Daddy is already melting)
 Diva Evie
 Take a careful look...the flowered 'legs' is a rolled up blanket because she is too small.
 Visiting Great Gma Johnson
 Mama Jodi and her helper

 Benj 'calling' anyone he can with the good news of a baby sister

 Mommy - daughter moment
 Benj sharing his Lightning McQueen with Evie
 Playing on Caboose outside hospital...Notice the 'joyful' tears. (he is not a risk taker)
 Jaundice baby = sunbathing time
 Benj jumping in the Sunbathing party
 Paper signing day..."She's a Cooper now"
 Mommy put the head band on...Daddy didn't object...too cute
 First trip to the Mall, in the moby
 Benj's 'treat' was riding on the raffle tractor.  Not sure which is funnier: a) there is a tractor raffle in mall, or b) we convinced him it was a 'treat'.
Skyping with Daddy - Benj was in the background.

 MORE (not in order) Pictures:

 Benj  - on behalf of Mitchell - giving Evie her own monkey, 'Hazel'

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

3 + 1 = Cooper Family

According to Sister Sledge, 'We are Family. I've got all my sisters with me'...

I have a sister. Sunni is a sister.

When asking Benj what he would like...'baby boy'. (he will have to get over that...)

Yes, while most/all of you have heard, Cooper kid #2 is going to make her appearance any day now. Here is what we know: our world is going to - once again - be wrecked, in a good way. Currently Sunni and Benj are in NE waiting for the birth mother to go into labor - due any day now. Once this happens, I will hop on a plane and head West. 

What happens next? This is where the excitement and our 'story' continues! The Cooper 3 will become the Cooper 4. Sunni and I were raised in families of 4. [Dad. Mom. Sister. Brother.] So, since we have no plans for a cat (ever) and our dog has currently made his preference known - not to be with us - we are soon a Family of 4.

Any day now, we will be posting pictures/videos and introducing you to the next chapter - our baby girl - in The Cooper's Story. For now...these will have to do.

[If you are like me, you absolutely NO IDEA what these images show...perhaps its the latest space exploration or a complex Rorschach test - deciphering your sanity...No need to look for Waldo, he is not there.]

(I've been told this is the side view of the baby's head/profile...if I'm correct, I think she will look like Alfred Hitchcock)

(Apparently this is her leg/foot/toes...or like me, you might see the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man - think Ghost-busters)

(As anyone can see this is a pair of jellyfish playing a large saxophone...or as my beautiful wife says - her face/profile from another angle.)

[IF you are still confused, that's Daddy's little princess...I think]

Thursday, July 5, 2012

M. I. C. K. E. Y. M. O. U. S. E.

WARNING: this song will be stuck in your head...

(you were warned)


Newport Beach AND Disneyland 2012

 Mommy is smiling. Daddy is smiling.  Benj LOOKS like he is smiling...but that is really pure fear and crying...he was afraid that he would fall off my shoulders and over the railing...
 Doing my best Sand Castle Architect at Newport Beach, California. 
 Daddy, Mommy, Benj. Elthea. Uncle Blake, Cousin Zoe, Aunt Jilly.
Well the Grandparents are excited...the kids? That's another story.
 Holding hands, I can see. But Benj loves her shoes.
 Benj and Zoe planning out our time at Disneyland!
 ...and then we should go over there.
 At the entrance of the Promised Land...I mean, Cars Land...perhaps they are synonymous. 
 Let's play a game, 'Name that Emotion?!'
If you guessed it was the elation or excitement of a little boy at Disneyland...WRONG!
 Grandpa, Mommy and Benj

 Lightening McQueen!!! 
Parental Story (Warning): After standing in line to have our picture taken with McQueen, we were saddened that Mater was not around.  Then we heard that he was on his way...and so we were filled with joy with the thought of his arrival. Just as we were next in line...McQueen DRIVES OFF to give Mater a place.  So...we got our picture taken with Mater. Be warned about what you ask for just might get it.

 Bribery...our nominations are pending for Parents of the Year!
 Waiting for PIXAR parade.
 Buzz Lightyear!
 Mater (take 2)
 It's a small world after all...
 Gma and Gpa: sporting their Swedish-oriented, Stromsburg-celebrating tees!
 I promise...he really does smile.  For real.  He, in fact, LOVED this ride!