Saturday, December 29, 2012


While Johnsons were in town, we took the opportunity to have Evie dedicated.  We value and celebrate the work of God in and through her life.  Her very presence speaks of God's love and care for her. So, it was special for us to have Gpa Bob lead us - with our new church family.  One day we hope that she too will embrace the gift of New Life we find in Jesus Christ.  And until that day, we, her parents, will do our part to provide a home and church to foster Christian formation.

Christmas with the Johnsons

Here are a variety of pictures from the Cooper/Johnson/Hathaway family Christmas.
 Christmas Eve-Eve service...'Ok Kids, everyone sit here' <and they all flee>

 'Santa' went a little overboard...

 Benj and Keeg were the elves passing out the gifts.

 Another year, another speech about how he didn't get enough. 
 Somewhere in the mess are our kids
 Another doll implies the addition of another Grandkid. :)
 A real guitar - ukulele
 warming up for a concert
 'Cheese' for supper
 let the concert begins
 Figuring out the new toys...
Christmas meal (I think...if not, it was one of the many meals we had around the table)

'Christmas' with the Coopers

Below are a variety of photos that the Cooper/Wells family took over Thanksgiving.  (Thanks Valerie).
Perhaps one day some of you will see these again in Christmas Card from this rate - don't count on it. :)

 (Ryan is the Christmas Tree - we needed decorations in the background)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Today's View...

 2012 may go down in history as the 'Year of the Ornaments'. We received and purchased several this year. This is my personal favorite.  The Cooper 4 at its best!
 Yes, Benj got his own guitar (ukulele).  He LOVES it! For those who have yet to visit our new house, while some will see a stair case background, you will be quickly corrected to see Benjamin's 'Stage'. 
 Evie's first taste of Lemon.  While she did not protest, Gpa Bob enjoyed this much more than she did.
Merry Christmas, indeed!  Boy snuggles!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Today's view...

 Bath Time Basketball!
 Merry Christmas Eve-Eve...from Evie
 The newest pink monkey is a HUGE hit! (Yes, this also implies that there is more than one.) 
 I think this is our 'tickle Ben Ben' picture
That Precious Moment when you capture the wonder and joy of the Daddy-Daughter bond...