Monday, March 2, 2009

The HIGHLY energetic World Of Melvin Cooper

(be patient while the video loads) We have told you time and time again...Melvin is a couch potato. Here is proof. He is a a sleep-junky! Now this is contrary of how he will act when you visit the house. IF you show up, he will put on this happy dance of excitment (and most likely urine) but don't let that fool you. He is a bum!

Biggest Loser Update...

For those who care...and for those who don't (since you are still reading):
The Family Biggest Loser competition has be re-energized. A couple has been faithfully going to a local gym. One member of the family registered a loss of 8-10 lbs... So the journey continues.

FYI: Some of us need encouragement, some don't...either way it is your job to be an encourager of healthy living and eating. (Thanks, on behalf of all of us :) )


It seemed like a harmless thing, get a set of your fingerprints and send them into the FBI. So like any desperate-to-be-a-dad I head on down to the local police station and subject myself to a very STRETCHING moment.

For those who know me, you know that I hate to have sticky, messy or dirty fingers. I refuse to eat with my fingers if utensils are available. I strongly dislike the residue lingering on my fingers...(perhaps a little OCD?)... Some may agree and even have similar convictions. Just to reiterate and emphasize the point, I use a fork to eat french fries, rice crispy treats, and pizza. (for those thinking...those aren't healthy foods, you've missed the POINT of my rant. So come back to the point: I hate schmutz on my fingers).
Back to the story...

I am welcomed by a waiting area full of "interesting" characters. I go up to receptionist, pay my money and turn to take my seat in waiting. A couple of those waiting grinned at me, as if to say, "Dude, you totally got Hosed! I've never paid to have mine taken." The door opened, and I am welcome by Officer "I have a large semi-automatic gun strapped to my waist"...I'm already a BIG FAN of this guy. I follow the officer down a series of hallways to a small office, show him my ID, remove my jacket...and that's when it happened...My ten digits were defiled by Officer "leave black, oily residue on peoples' fingers."

Some will read this and say..."Boy he has issues." Others will say, "What a strange man?!"

I prefer to think..."Oh, the things we do for our (future) children!" (The journey to adoption continues!)