Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Smiley and the Tongue


Seriously? Already? Wasn't he just placed in our arms? And to think...with these moves it is only a short time before he is mobile. Here is 14 weeks old...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Viewer Discretion is ADVISED

What you are about to see has been known to melt hearts, cause irrationally wide smiles and induce fits of joy and tears. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!

Benj (age 14 weeks)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The next Gerber baby?

Yeah, we gave up on humility long ago. He is THAT cute!

Saturday morning adventures...

(BIG FOOT -mspotted again)

Dear World, Is there anyone out there who will give me the love, attention and love that I require? I am not asking for much, simply 24 hours of physical contact, play and love each day. Please release me from this prison that I once called home. My new 'roommate' is so needy. He gets all time and attention that I once commanded and more. In short, I have been replaced.
Sincerely, Melvin

Saturday Morning with the Fam...

[hanging out with Dad and Melvin]

[Time with Mom]

[Our Saturday morning entertainment]

Pay attention to me...

While Dad was busy making breakfast Benjamin kept himself occupied by reviewing the exciting moments from the morning. Glad he could share with you.

Family walk (take 2)

This being Ben's second walk around the neighborhood, we celebrated that unlike the first venture he was eager to just 'be'. Unlike the first trip, he was not the spectacle rather the spectator. He didn't cry. He did not scream. He didn't frantically or forcefully fill his shorts. He didn't really 'do' anything. We celebrate the 'growth' that he has shown...a whole walk void of outburst or expression. Perhaps the next step will be to look around at the grass, birds, trees and flowers...Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Celebrate with us a trip without tears.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Random photos of the last two weeks...

[Babies for Breakfast - Blake, Jill, Kathy and Zoe came to visit]

[Uncle Blake embracing the best of both worlds - Ben, Uncle Blake, Zoe]

[Why is she sleeping? - Ben and Zoe]

[From Dad's View...note the blurry haze - Lack of sleep, but boy is he cute]

[Growing with my buddy Beau - Benj & Beau]


We have officially solved the mystery and myth of BIG FOOT.
He is real...and living in our home.

Ryan couldn't be more proud...
Sunni wonders how the men in her life could have such large feet...

Together they wonder if it is worth buying larger socks and shoes,
or perhaps Ben should embrace his dad's love of flip flops...
(your feet never have to fit into them).

Educating for tomorrow...

Being an early childhood educator has its perks. The advantage of analyzing trends and seeing areas to pioneer are just a couple of the valuable insights gleaned. Sunni, being the amazing educator, has seen the importance and need to give children the computer lingo and advance themselves in technology at a young age. Anyone who knows Sun, knows that she cares deeply about her students education and formation. So when it comes to her own child...

(Perhaps this is a bit too young.)

'Mom, I think if you want to boost performance you should consider defraging and clear up a little of the memory...Whats with all those photos of that ridiculously adorable baby boy. Who is that? He is such a stud.', said Benj.

- We think Ben is a genius.

Monday, May 10, 2010


It took all three of us being home ill to finally put up some wall art in Benj's room. It is a start.
(Take note of the beautiful and hand-stitched quilt from Gma Patty.)

'Happy' Mother's Day...

Dear Mom.
Happy Mother's Day!
This being my first Mother's Day, I am not sure what I should do or what you were hoping for, as it is also a first for you. That said, Dad and I worked real hard at our little project. And even though it didn't turn out like the fantastic marketing campaign said it is given with love. This was supposed to be a 3D cast of my foot print. Why? I have no idea, but apparently Mom's like those sort of things. (Couldn't you just look at my foot? Do you really need a plaster mold of it...?) Anyway, this particular work of art was made from great intentions although it did not turn out as originally depicted.

As you know Mom, I caught a cold. It sure was a doozie. In fact, Dad spent most of Friday planning this project and waiting for me to actually fall asleep so that I could do my part. [He thought I would be more cooperative if I was asleep...boy was he wrong:) ] Following the directions word for word, he laid out all the pieces and needed items for a successful journey down Adorable-Crafting Lane. He had spent the morning cleaning the kitchen counter in preparation for this production. According to the directions, Dad was to hold my foot in the mold for 1 minute while it hardened... It was a good thing that the direction also said that for infants it would be best to have them asleep when you put their foot in the mold...duh. [SIDE NOTE: One minute is a LONG TIME! I realize that for most events in life 60 seconds is simply a quick and fleeting moment...That said, In this instance 60 seconds, 1 'tiny' minute is FOREVER.]

The Mix was mixed, the mold ready...And now to take the sleeping and peaceful cherub (Me) and gently place my foot in the plaster. . .
(seemed easy)

Upon my foot touching the gelatinous heart shaped mold...I was startled from my sleep. As any young man would, I kicked forward with much force and sent the mold and the surrounding contents across the kitchen peninsula and onto the floor. Startled from my slumber, I cried out and immediately curled up my feet getting the plaster all over my legs and clothes. Dad, a little frantic and wondering if this heart-felt idea was worth it, got me cleaned up in record time. Since the '60 seconds' clock had been started, he managed to get me cleaned. He then picked up the remains of the mold, stuck my 'pleasant and highly willing' (sarcasm noted) foot back into the plaster and then held it there while it hardened enough to dry in that position...All while the clock ticked on...and I sounded the 'I'm not happy' alarm.

So, Mom, when you received this precious gift from me, your precious son...Don't forget that this 'treasure' came from the heart, and the intentions were meant to flood you with warmth and love...(perhaps you could tell you friends it was intended to be abstract...What a gifted artist you adopted?! :) Just think of this as the first of many 'treasures' that I will bring you.

Happy Mother's Day! (Sorry I shared my cold and we spent the entire day sleeping and snotting on each other...but just think...this year you get to celebrate Mother's Day...with Me)

Another gift for Mother's Day was from our dear friends who made a compilation of pictures of Ben's first 3 months. Put them together and framed them. (Already hanging up in his room).

Camera Shy Ben...

The question...
Is Ben going to be a techy kind of guy (distracted by the latest and greatest of electronics: cameras, flip video cams or cell phones.)???
Is Ben highly camera shy?

(Either way he is adorable and very animated...that is until he sees the camera)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Mobile?!

Reminder of the chain of events...lots of paper call...making LOTs of frantic calls/emails/Facebook posts...hold Benjamin...realize that we need "stuff"...register...grateful to friends and family..."a mobile?" (now you are up to date).

To get a Mobile or not...that was the question. We fielded several inquiries before finally giving in. After some thought and identifying the "right one" we bought it. (Disclosure: The 'right' one was a combination of color, gift card availability and...apathy.) We struggled...Initially I thought to it possible that this little musical device (which based on the unsolicited testimonies, was comparable only to the invention of skittles) could keep Benj asleep, happy and asleep (still)?!

To our surprise (and disappointment) when the mobile first was quite short-lived. The musical content not bad, the most typical baby song...BUT it only lasts for about 15 seconds and at a decibel level that rivals the most verbose car alarm. [NOTE to the Manufacture: Ben, and I would imagine MOST babies, do NOT fall asleep in 15 seconds...In fact that has the potential to be the duration of the cry in his first breath...So unless you intend for the doting parents to come in to turn that little knob every breath our cherub takes; may I suggest a longer playing song AND a lower more soothing sound.]
That said, we don't use this miracle sleep-inducing device...but there it sits above his crib. So I began to wonder...if I were a little boy who was laying in my would a mobile look...

Now many of you might think...'Ohhh monkeys, how precious. That is just so cute!' Part of me agrees with you. My initial thought says, 'adorable'.

However the more I think of being serenaded to sleep by monkeys flying over my head......I think back to the 1939 classic.

Creepy. Right?! (Don't blame me...Talk to the 'creative and thoughtful' staff at Baby's R Us.)
Perhaps the idea of Mobiles should remain under careful discernment.

Monday, May 3, 2010

'Cousins' sharing...or playing tug o war

'Cousin' Zoe came to meet me the other day. At 12 weeks old, being twice her age, I knew that it was up to me to teach her a few things about life...especially about toys.

Ben at 12 weeks (Take 2 = SUCCESS!)


Benj at 12 weeks (Take 1)

Soooo close...TAKE 1!

Taking time out of my busy schedule to share some love.

I'm not sure 'what' you are...but I gotcha!

Dear "Ball of Musical annoyance", When I hit, touch, shove, or drool on you...I am trying to silence you not encourage you to make MORE noise. Perhaps I will just glare at you from now on.
So take that!

Dear Dad...

Next time...Please warn me that you are going to blind me with the flash of your camera. While I appreciate your desire to document every breath I take and each sigh I make...I would appreciate a little understanding...It is tough to be in the spot light, all the time. Have you ever considered joining the potentially lucrative world of the Paparazzi?

Too cute!

Ben and Beau having a 12 weeks old moment.

My favorite place to smile is on the changing table...I guess we all like having clean shorts.

My stylish new hat from Cousin Jason...Thanks!


For those who know, when we first met Benj we thought...what interesting hair he has. We had prepared ourselves (and I had panicked) for a little African-American child with a "fro". And yet here we are with our little boy who has soft, thick hair...
In the last two weeks that began to change. Soft, and Thick still describe his hair, but you must add "Curly" to the list of adjectives. After a bath we were playing around with "styling" his hair (figured we would do it while we still could) and since then...there has been this ridiculous curl at the top of his head. (Imagine 'Alfalfa' from The Little Rascals...but curl it). What did we do?! Anyway...this is our ever changing boy; Such is the life with a 12 weeks old. Once we get used to a routine or the 'normal' it is changed. Ahh yes, the new world of parenthood...perfect for those with A.D.D.