Friday, November 30, 2012

A Month in Review...

Beginning November 1st, I started a personal journey.  A Quest, if you will. I realized that so much was going on in my life that little reflection or appreciation was begin expressed.  So I started my own 'spiritual' discipline: For This I Am Thankful... As I have been doing this, I have found many times throughout the day(s) to list several things I am thankful for.  Little things. Big things.  (and everything in between).

1. I have a ridiculously amazing wife - for this I am thankful.
2. My kids teach me new things daily - for this I am thankful.
3. Homemade waffles and sleeping in - for this I am thankful.
4. Terminal cancer in 'remission'...witnessing a miracle - for this I am thankful.
5. Daylight savings says to Fall back - for this I am thankful.
6. The extension cord was just long enough to let me use the leaf blower - for this I am thankful.
7. I live in a country where I get a vote - for this I am thankful.
8. We painted the dining room - for this I am thankful.
9. My mornings begin with B and E playtime...and coffee - for this I am thankful.
10. Attending The Generosity Summit with five other leaders from our church to encourage us to be a more generous church - for this I am thankful.
11. I am tired, but LOVE my 'job' - for this I am thankful.
12. Family day started with three wonderful, vibrant faces and a cup of coffee - for this I am thankful.
13. The crisp chill this morning reminded me of the beauty and joy of changing seasons; the Christmas songs playing in the background were helpful too - for this I am thankful.

14. Looking out my window, I see a Fall-spectrum of color - for this I am thankful.
15. Joined a great group of passionate people (CMJ Commission) who ask the questions, 'what breaks God's heart?' and 'what can we do about it?' - for this I am thankful.
16. Yesterday my wife and I put on a meal for IN pastors and juggled two lil ones...a great team - for this I am thankful.
17. Jennifer and Mom together, which implies that my folks are only 2 hours and 1 state away! - for this I am  thankful. 
18. Today we go to Chicago to pick up my folks AND celebrate my nephew's 5th birthday - for this I am thankful.
19. Yesterday, my Parents met my daughter in person - for this I am thankful.
20. Coffee, conversations and a day spent with my beloved - for this I am thankful.
21. I have the opportunity to eat with my beloved at Flat Top Grill - for this I am thankful.
22. 30 minute daughter/daddy date before the others came downstairs, priceless - for this I am thankful.
23. Today / this evening our house is filled with family - for this I am thankful.
24. Coffee, sticky buns and playing 'choo choo's - for this I am thankful.
25. For THIS I am thankful! (a picture of my parents, sister and family and my family around the dining room table on Thanksgiving) 
26. Benj is a drooler. Snuggling with my boy - for this I am thankful.
27. Even when there is a Windows failure and the computer will not work for worship the Bible says 'enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise!' - for this I am thankful.
28. Spent the morning with B, E and Dr. Seuss. - for this I am thankful.
29. Listening to Michael Gettel's San Juan Suite album. Filled with memories of special people, places and life events - for this I am thankful.
29b. A while back our grocery store started carrying peppermint mocha flavored creamer - for this I am thankful.
30. My dad is a giving, caring and thoughtful man - for this I am thankful.

Today's view...

Friday, November 23, 2012

For this I am thankful...

 The table is set and the guests have all arrived.  We have played games, cooked, been the the park, laughed...all together - For this I am Thankful

 Sparkling Pear cider...Thank you IKEA. 

 For this WE are thankful!
The cousins playing after the meal (and a nap). 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today's View...

 Benj and his 'baby' scooting around the floor with (on) Evie - Got to love Big Brother(s)!
The ladies enjoy a little play time and saying 'Hi' to Daddy (and anyone else that Mommy texted)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Evie Smiles and Stories

Today's view...

 Still playing with his 'big trucks'...SO BIG!
 Seriously enjoying the entertainment saucer...SO BIG!
Doing puzzles on his own...SO BIG!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Enjoying color...

In preparation for selling their home, the previous owner had everything painted off-white. Everything. Walls, trim every surface was the same 'color'.  While amazing bland and boring, I am thankful for this clean slate. We have the opportunity to put our own touch on this house.  And as we do, our vision and style comes through. Sort of...
On a whim, I went to the store and picked up a swatch of heavily saturated color, thinking that Sunni would not say, yes. However, she did. I am a fan of the is a rich deep BLUE. (not to be confused with blue). Then as we were putting on the walls we struggled with the chair rail.  We have never had a chair rail running in our rooms. Something new. So the quandary of how to best paint color(s) and which, where...once again the joys and peril of home ownership. :)
That said, below are a couple pictures of the progress. We held an informal, unscientific poll of how best to put the room together...SO without additional hesitation and stalling...

AND probably MORE importantly, is the joy of painting a little girl's room. The challenge becomes making it feminine and 'girly' while still setting the stage for her own personality to shine through without expectation and requirements from society and her parents.  (And more importantly without TOO much is literally taking over our world).

 So as you can 'sort of' see, we went with an Aqual/teal(ish) color. We really like this real life. With the colors and fabrics we have picked out we are SUPER excited...and hopeful that one day (probably after she stops drooling all over herself) Evie will love it too. And if not...well, then she will be a 'typical' child, who desires to be counter-parental. :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election day...

As we impatiently wait for the ads to stop and the media to discuss something other than the election, we bring you this commercial break...
 Evie trying out the entertainment center. (or as we call it...the babysitter:) ). 
And Benj offering us a few of the hits on his new Album.