Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Washington Trip (take 3) - Aunt Betty's house


Papa Ken and Mama Patty's house

Issie, iPod and Ben...bliss

'I couldn't be more proud! ' - Acceptance speech for Father of the Year 2012. 

A natural

...and a performer:)

And some special moments with 'Mama Pappi'

Seattle Day

As you can tell, Benj is a BIG fan of Ivar's. For those that have yet to experience the flavorful elation that is Ivar's, I pity you.  A bowl of clam chowder and an order of Fish & Chips reminds me of the important things in life. 

Ben - once again - full of glee and joy after watching the fireman's boat pull into the dock.

No this is not an episode of Hitchcock's Birds, rather our view from Ivar's.  Location, location location is the key for the Seagull real estate here.  I imagine those birds that 'live' around this pier are 5 lbs heavier than any others...and yes, after enjoying the meal...we were too.

Outside the Seattle Aquarium.  All smiling - except for Benj.  We quickly learned that he LOVES 
'ISHIES' but has 'issues' with moving water...How is he my kid? :)

The jellyfish tunnel.

Daddy teasing Benj to tears - Father of the I come.

Watching the scuba diver pet the Wolf Eel.  Yes - a surreal moment.

Daddy-Son snuggles on the pier.