Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Apparently the Cooper name is currently synonymous with CHAOS.  So with that in mind, we bought a house. For those just coming to the party, within the last 6 months: we have journeyed with my mother and her stem cell transplant, moved to Indiana, accepted the call of Pastor, adopted a new born,...
Yes, you heard me right...we bought a house.  The house is larger than we ever thought we would be able to own.  While dated, it is clean and we look forward to many memories and stories of God's faithfulness to be shared here. Admittedly this is premature, since we do not officially close until the end of September, BUT our immediate family is eager to see pictures of our soon-to-be home. So for the them...Here you go! (captions below)
 Front (trim the trees and mow the grass...perhaps you will see the house)

 Front (strange to us, they never put railing across the whole front)

 Our FIRST 2 Car Garage! (super excited)

 Entry (from Living Room)

 Living Room (from Dining Room)

 Dining Room (from Living Room)

 Dining Room/Kitchen (from Living Room/Dining Room threshold)

 Hallway tile + Bathroom Tile + Kitchen Tile = Ridiculously ugly ceramic flooring

 Kitchen eat-in flooring (from Hallway)

 Kitchen (from eat-in)

 Kitchen eat-in (from Kitchen fridge)

 Basement storage (this represents approximately 1/4 of the basement)

 Living Room (from the entry stairs)

 Upstairs Hallway (one step down landing at end, Right turn downs stairs to main floor)

 Master Bedroom (from hallway)

 'Evie's Room' (from Hallway)

 Master Bath 

 Main (upstairs) bath (Yellow: sink, toilet, tub and striped tile)

 Laundry Shoot

 Still the Main (upstairs) bath...Jealous?!

 'Benj's room'

 and his walk in closet.

 View from the sun porch: from left to right

 Sun Porch and Rear  (kitchen door to right; slider from family room into sun porch)

 Backyard continues into 'Forest' for 20+yards

 Side yard


 'The Forest'


 Rear Kitchen door (opens into the eat-in area and as you see a small paver patio)

 Front Door/Patio (Color needed:) )

 Reminding all of us of the joys of a 2 car garage!

 Kitchen (from dining/kitchen threshold)

 Dining Room (from Living Room)

Living Room Window seat (Sunni's 'Happy' place - it is over 10 feet long)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

 1 Month and sitting up in the Bumbo...Apparently she is shocked too;)
 'Deep Thoughts' by Evie Lorryne
 1-month old Diva!
 Going to church...
 Our View in the mornings...
'Helping' Mommy make supper.  (sarcasm aside...her quietly sleeping is WAY more helpful than one can share)


Thursday, August 16, 2012

A glimpse...

 Celebrating her 1 month b-day. A smile...or gas...but we like to tell ourselves is her cheerful disposition that is shining through.

Train ride at the Zoo with Miss Kayla, Benj and Mommy!