Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Graduating to the BUMBO

Melvin is exhausted from having a new brother...Benj is studying to be an astro-physicist.

First time in the BUMBO.

Reading at 11 weeks...Teacher-Mom is soo proud. (don't tell her he fell asleep...takes after his dad)

Melvin is 'teaching' Benj all about sharing...
(NOTE: Melvin is an attention hog...'look at me, look at me')

Benj Dedication at Church

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Meditative dad...

Pondering life goals...

Piano virtuoso...

Architectural analyst...

...Silly Daddy. (insert melted heart here)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Melvin and Benj

mmm...puppy kisses

Getting ready to pounce...

Last Sunday

Grandpa Ken has the house!

Mom, my face is sooo better.

"Aunt" Heather is the best.

I found my tongue!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Play time...

Soooo...strong...push ups.

Swimming with my aquatically enhanced friends.

Deep thoughts by Benj

Pondering the finer things in life: bottles, clean diapers, binkys...(yep, that's about all we care about).


Grandpa & Grandma come to visit!!!

"Grandpa/Ben bonding"

Dear Grandpa, This is what I do. . .

"She is a happy one, isn't she?" inquires Benj.

"Mom/Dad...will she eventually stop kissing/hugging and fussing over me?"

"Grandpa" Mark & "Grandma" Julie

Yes you will little man...Yes you will.

Easter imagery

(For those who are focused on pictures of Benj, you will be disappointed. This flower and vase have very little significance. Ben did not sneeze on it, or even a wink in its direction. That said...This flower/vase combo was put together by our dear friend for the Easter service at church. A wonderful reminder of the vibrancy of life and the Resurrection we celebrate. A beautiful reminder.)

Dia con Los Santis (Day with the Santis)

The context of this picture...the Santi 3 all hard at work making lunch, cleaning the kitchen and excelling at hosting. The Cooper 3 did "this" most of the time. Aren't we great guests?! (who wants to host us next?)

"Cousin" Nico sharing his Momma...

Nico flying the airplane on Papas iPhone. "Uncle Coop" a bit jealous. Ben...content.


Monday, April 5, 2010

"I Love You" - Ben-style

Sign Language or "I found my fingers" decide.

[Sunni's eyes: What a fox?!]

Happy Easter from the Coopers! (B is now 8weeks old)

Trying to entertain Ben...looking like a fool.

This is my "Ode to Melvin" look...never at the camera, easily distracted

As good as it gets...

If this were in an editorial section the caption would read...
our current worldview.