Friday, February 10, 2012

First Time with Play-Doh

Life is a Highway

An Evening at the Coopers

New Bulldozer

New Microphone from Grandpa and Grandma Johnson

Playing with Cousin Jason

Opening Presents

Benjamin's 2nd Birthday Party

Benjamin Turns 2!!!!!

Trip to the Zoo in January!

Ben and Zoe

Stacking with Ben

Baking Cookies

Ben loves baking cookies with Daddy!

Silly Ben

Just being silly.

A Visit to South Bend

 Eating warm Chocolate Chips in the car is NOT a good idea.

 Sleeping my way to SB

 Watching Thomas in the hotel room.

 Swimming in the pool with Daddy!

 Trying to get warm after his swim.

Powdered sugar donut coma!

Benjamin and Melvin

Corn Dog or Microphone?