Friday, September 24, 2010

On the Move...

The faces of Benjamin

 We call this the "Old Man" face...he has now been able to reproduce on command.  Yep, He's gifted!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Adventures of the Tunnel

Instead of playing in or journeying through his new tunnel...Ben decided that he was too big for such a juvenile activity.  So the real question is: if a tunnel remains empty and void of travelers going through it still a tunnel?

or perhaps it is simply a waste of money :)

Our first duet!

Obviously this was not Ben's first lesson.  Based on his rhythm, dynamics and general presence you can tell that he has been hard at work, practicing for this recital with his piano teacher.  For those perfectionists out there, please don't be jealous...This 7 month old is quite advanced in his abilities.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

'Items in Mirror are closer than they appear'

When learning to drive it is important to remember that your vehicle is equipped with a transmission.  This useful addition allows you the ease of motion.  Ben has perfected REVERSE.  He is so good in fact that as he twists and turns...his parking skills surpass his dad's (remember when Dad backed into the Front porch with a moving van).  That said,  Ben lacks one important skill...FORWARD...Benj, well he is still young...and as you can see REVERSE gets you into places...but does not help you get out of them.

CONFESSION:  I left him there sobbing for a little while longer than needed so I could snap several photos AND take this quick video...To the audience: You are welcome.  To Ben: I'm won't remember this:)

And just because (having no connection to this post at all)...Enjoy these adorable pictures of B.

Who needs a TV?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Up, up...and away...

Ok.  Enough of the cutesy notes and whimsical ponders from "Benj".  This calls for a little straight talk from his Dad.  I know that we are on month 7 in the life of this little boy...BUT this is ridiculous.  Nowhere in the "Welcome to Parenthood: the handbook for all questions you may have while raising your newborn" [you know the one that all of us received along with the warranty information when we first acquired our child  ;)]...did they tell you that your son would invoke fear and trembling as he pulls himself up over and over again.  While the act of pulling himself isn't such a shock (although definitely awe-inspiring)...the idea that he is doing this to find "better" toys is appalling.  The living room floor could not be more covered and cluttered by some of the best toys our friends and family provided.  But apparently Benj believed we were holding out on him, as he now pulls himself up by the toy chest in search of "the goods".  Where did he learn this?  Who's bright idea was it to have this little bundle of joy begin to exert his personality and will, especially if it differs from his folks? 

Just Keep Swimming...Swimming...Swimming

Yesterday, I experienced the world as a dolphin.  I don't want to sound conceited but on top of being graceful and a quick learner, my skills could stand up to Michael Phelps (Olympic swimming icon)...when he was at 7 months of age.  Take note of my form as I glide through the water...and let us not forget the fashion sense of my trunks and swim T. 
"I don't know if you know this but....I'm kind of a big deal" 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

This thing is HUGE! (in a good way)

The reality has hit me today... the proportion of my belly to body rivals that of an overweight daschound.  At my 7 months of age, I am trying not to dwell on it...but perhaps my folks could dress in me in clothing that would at least draw attention away from my dragging belly and not promote it.

Working my way up...

The wonderful world that exists above my floor-views...and knowing is half the battle...

Uncle Geoff & Aunt Sarah

Because I am spoiled, my uncle and aunt brought me a present.  Was it to celebrate my 7months of life...or just because I am ridiculously adorable?...probably both. :)

Big boy, bathtime

Yep it is real...sitting up on his own while taking a bath...

Aunt Stephanie, Sophie and Ellia visit

Here I am doing my best Kenny G...How fun to play with my 'cousin' Ellia.  Love that girl.

The Ups and Downs of life...